I chose the name Foggy Bottom Line years ago while working on a doctorate at George Washington University.  I studied international relations and security there and it’s in Foggy Bottom in DC, so it made sense at the time.

Haven’t been posting consistently but think I’ll stick with the brand – which focuses on the idea that the bottom line answer to most questions is rarely completely clear.  A bit of fog always clouds the truth, and I don’t deal in absolutes.

Background may or may not give credibility, and I have no desire to argue from authority or experience (which is always, after all, anecdotal).  I’m either right or wrong and I will always endeavor to provide evidence – or at least logical reasoning – that supports my views and policy recommendations.  But for the record I’m a retired combat soldier (tanks) with broad military, academic, economic, political, and management training and experience.

I believe I bring a unique blend of conservative and liberal thought to the national debate and I plan to use this blog to test my hypothesis.  If I’m right, others will pay attention.

But as always, I could be wrong.