Moron Labe the First

This morning I threatened to start a new series – Moron Labe – pointing out idiots who carry guns but haven’t a clue about how to handle them and because of their stupidity hurt themselves or others.  This is a riff on the gun rights slogan Molon Labe, from the Greek (μολὼν λαβέ) for “come and take them.”  See this post at American Thinker (a source of true nuttiness, by the way) for context.

Anyway, I guess I can kick off the series with the story of Maciej Gorecki, who went to visit a pal so he could show off his gun.  While doing this he shot his friend – and killed him – with a gun he thought was not loaded.

Moron Labe – come and get this moron.

One thought on “Moron Labe the First

  1. morons without guns:

    Actually it was one of Alex Jones’s crew who coined the term “moron labe”
    for disarmed idiots who think that being disarmed will somehow protect them
    from armed thugs, although i get that people that don’t know what they are
    doing with guns and have no training could be a danger to themselves and
    others around them. Be armed and trained people not uninformed and

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